Exploring the World of Cloud Database

downloadWith the voluminous data that man is faced with every single day, it is not uncommon to see lapses in judgment as well as errors in analyses simply because of the immense nature of information. Today’s processors can compute complex problems in a zillionth of a second. Unfortunately, physical storage of such data is simply impossible. If the cyberworld is a universe in itself, is it at all possible to create, manage and run a database in the internet itself?

Welcome Cloud Database

Cloud computing was conceptualized in the 60s as a virtual superhighway that connects data and programs so that people anywhere around the world can use and run. Unfortunately, it was not until the late 90s that cloud computing was introduced to the masses. From then on, cloud computing has been steadily developing. One of the programs that run on cloud computing is cloud database, which is, technically, a collection of highly organized data sets stored, managed, and run in the Internet. To put it simply, cloud database is basically a database that has been duly and purposely optimized, designed or built specifically for a highly virtual computing environment.

How does it work?

There are essentially two methods in which cloud database is deployed. The first one involves the use of a virtual machine where the cloud database is known as a Platform-as-a-Service model. Here, you can purchase cloud database platforms or virtual machines and run your very own machine image complete with your own database. Alternatively, ready-made machine images can be used to that already contain optimized version of a particular database.

The second method of deploying database in the Cloud is as a Database-as-a-Service model. For many smaller organizations or businesses, this is often the preferred option, as they only need to pay the services of a cloud database provider to install and maintain their respective databases in the Cloud. This means that you will no longer have to bother yourself about installing a virtual machine and in uploading and maintaining your database because the cloud database provider will already do everything for you.

Should you use Cloud Database?

One of the inherent questions many individuals and organizations ask is if cloud database is right for them. The major issue that needs to be addressed is the volume of information that needs to be processed, stored and managed at any given time. If you think your business does not need plenty of information that needs to be managed in a highly systematic and organized way, then database management, let alone cloud database systems, is definitely not for you; although, you will still have to organize and store any data or information that you have about your business and your clients. Unfortunately, there is simply no business that does not deal with information. Even small local businesses have to think about the different pieces of information that are generated every day. This alone shows that everyone who has significant amount of data can truly benefit from cloud databases.

Cloud database is an important part of today’s cloud computing platform. It simplifies the way man stores and manages informations, and makes it more efficient to make use of these data in ways that he sees fit.

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