How to Become a Striking WordPress Developer

wplogoWordPress development is a growing trend in the industry today. It is an Open Source Content Management System (CMS) that totally relies upon MySQL and PHP. Anyone having the basic knowledge of PHP and MySQL can start using wordpress. But it does not make you an expert. A developer really needs to move far beyond the basics in order to be innovative and creative. For wordpress development, you also need to know about http, linux, web servers, design patterns, OOP, network protocls and much more. Only MySQL and PHP will not be enough to get your hold on development side.

MySQL is the Database Management System (DBMS) used by wordpress so it can be termed as the key to development. It is used to store and then retrieve all of the information that you provide. Every kind of data including users profiles, pages, images, custom posts and content are managed by this DBMS. Without having its adequate knowledge one might not be able to make use of the content in anyway. For this reason, most of the web hosting providers do install this DBMS on their web servers so as to get access to the web applications. PHP is another programming language that is used by wordpress for the storage and retrieval of data from database. SQL queries are used to generate the content dynamically and for this reason any word press developer must have control over these languages.

Another growing trend in the ecommerce market is woocommerce. This can be linked up with wordpress in order to get the real benefits. It is worthy to spend your time on learning this skill and then adding this development skill to your wordpress development. Woocommerce is one of the leading ecommerce plugin that is currently being used by wordpress. It is used to convert your simple website into an ecommerce website. It is very easy to use but still you must learn how to customize it so that you can work according to the needs of your theme and website. By having some command over this plugin, you will be able to create your own customized themes and that sounds really great.

Web development is not an easy job it needs to have command over many different skills and every thing is linked with the others. By practicing and learning all these latest plugins and languages, one can jump into the pool of expert web developers

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