Importance of Search Engine Optimization

Well, no doubt in this era of technology, you must have heard the term SEO somewhere in your daily life. If you are a digital marketing enthusiast then you must have used this technique a number of times. No matter where you heard it from, there is no doubt that SEO is increasingly becoming a bigger concern. SEO simply stands for Search Engine optimization, a strategy used to make websites rank well in terms of search engine result pages (SERP).

seobusinessThink of it as a means of making your website be among the top links in Google when someone types a specific keyword which you have optimized in your website metadata. Initially, it is supposed to be done during the process of web design, but since the web designer isn’t much aware of the viable keywords, then it becomes a job for a SEO agency, a company you hire to optimize the pages for better ranking. So the secret here is to make them visible in the SERP. If your pages are not properly optimized for both mobile and desktop, then people (your prospective clients) will not see your products and you will not have much of sales over the Internet. Also your website traffic will be down if your web pages are not optimized.

Is SEO really important? Well, read on. Below are the benefits of performing SEO for your website.

1. It is affordable
Unlike Google AdWords, which are literally bought, you will not be charged when someone clicks on a link you have optimized. In fact, you will only need to pay for the SEO agency and say still as you watch your website rise in terms of ranking.

2. It increases website visibility
From above, SEO makes your website “visible” in Google for particular keywords. Statistically speaking, 94% of users click on the first page of SERP.

3. SEO is a long term strategy
You will not sign a contract for your Australian dollar that you will need to renew. It will be there to stay. Once pages are optimized, all you will have to do is look for additional keywords to fill in with.

3. Higher traffic
SEO is an organic. Statistics show that organic search listings have a 25% conversation rate than pay per click campaigns.

4. SEO is considered more credible than PPC.
Most online users have a tendency of going for organic search listings as opposed to pay per click (PPC) advertising. They generally appear more appealing and general online users usually click on them more naturally.

Whether SEO is necessary or not is a matter of personal decision. However, any strategy that takes business to another level is worth a try. SEO is one of those strategies. I can’t stress this enough. SEO is the only way to stay on top of this competitive industry – digital marketing.

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