SEO Alert: Google’s Over-Optimization Penalty 101

The Internet community was obviously shaken when Google officials announced an over-optimization penalty, which they intend to impose on websites that are overdoing SEO. This, they say, is a move of the search engine to separate websites that are working hard to provide great content than those who are merely working up SEO. There is a big difference, you know!

Over-optimization defined

Is it possible to overwork SEO? Well, according to Google standards, yes. Your website will be considered over-optimizing if it uses excessive keyword density; if it is linking to internal sites using keywords; if it has an ugly site design; if it has very weak content; if it has excessive back-linking; and if it publishes duplicate content among others. The Google Bot will be able to identify such signals of over-optimizing, hence, will make you a strong contender for a penalty.

How will over-optimizing websites be penalized?

Google imposes a very strong consequence for violators. It will remove the website completely from the index so it becomes invisible to the search engine. That’s how harsh the penalty is, making it important for SEO specialists to take charge and take note. Your website should always be on the safe side. It should not make any violations that will send the signal to Google and consequently risking it to be totally invisible.

What can you do to reverse the decision?

If you have found out that your website has been penalized for over-optimizing, you should start over and see what kind of violations you have made. Review your website. Make considerable changes so that it is characterized by well-written content rather than overstuffed keywords. After making the changes, you should make a formal request to Google to reconsider including your site in its index. If you do not make an effort to reverse your violations, there is no way you can appeal to Google to reverse its decision.

Don’t worry. Mostly, such violations of over-optimization are made by beginners in the industry. If you are a seasoned professional, you know exactly what and what not to do. That means you will certainly not make your website a potential candidate for the penalties. You know that working for Search Engine Optimization is all about great content and not about overstuffing keywords. You know that back-linking excessively to your main URL is illegal. You also know that weak content and ugly website design will get you nowhere. So, why worry?

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