Furnishing Offices for Hotels and Apartments for Rent

Hotel furnishings are undoubtedly luxurious and elegant. It is a must in order to impress very important guests and businessmen. However, this doesn’t mean that other furnishings in the hotel such as employee lockers and desks for other staffs will have to be sub-standard. This shouldn’t be the case.

staf_lockers1Even if you’re just a roadside motel or inn, you’d have to make sure that the front desk or manager’s office is equally-presentable because this is one of the first things that a guest or traveler notices. Remember that hotels offer more than just rooms; they have banquets and business functions as well. Some companies come in and inquire about renting the ballroom for an important event, and they go to the manager’s office to sit with him and discuss.

You can get an interior decorator to design the manager’s office and the hotel front desk. It is optional to tie the décor to the hotel’s general look and feel. The rule of thumb though, is not to have it clash with the hotel’s overall design. You can choose to have desks and chairs at the front desk, but the general design is usually a high bar-type reception desk and only the front office staff has seats behind the counter.

At the same time, there are also plenty of staff and personnel in the hotel. All of them need lockers to secure their things while they work at their different stations. Majority of locker areas in hotels are located at a centralized area. Usually, it’s at the common room where employees change, rest, and have their meals.

Managers and upper level employees don’t have lockers because they have their own offices. No matter how humble and simple it may be, this office should have a desk, some chairs and some cabinets to store files in. Naturally, there should be a computer or laptop to make the guests’ requests or concerns easier to facilitate.

When it comes to staff lockers, it is best to get durable ones made of metal or steel. This way, it would be more difficult to crack or break and your employees can be assured that their personal belongings remain safe while they go about their work.

Metal lockers are also said to be more durable than wooden ones, and are not very expensive. Each employee can then use his own set of lock and keys. The locker can be passed on from one employee to another.

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