Skills Development in the Context of the Office

It is easy to gather data for a presentation. However, it is not easy to make sense of the data if you could not even create effective PowerPoint presentations. For a business to stay in competition, it is important that people of great academic background are hired, but people with great skills are more important.

Skills Training and Development


Sometimes, people in the workplace shun the prospect of improvement through external means. In-house trainings for example are not being considered by some of the HR of companies in Australia. During the last year, an independent survey has shown that an estimated 60% of the turnover of employees from companies is due to their own lack of skill or the lack of skill of their immediate supervisor. This is alarming because in the long run, companies that are investing in their employees actually has a higher success rate compared to a company whose goal is to churn out as much profit as they could before an employee looks another way. The keywords here are simple, skills training and development. Currently, there are a lot of consultants and companies that are offering skills training in Australia. Finding them will never be a problem.

Tools of the Trade

Skills development in the context of the workplace is easy. First, the desirable set of skills must be identified, if the skill is already present within the ranks of the employee then, there is no need for such a training, but if an employee needs a certain skill for, example skills in presentation and the know-how to create effective powerpoint presentations then, the training for such a specific skill set must be put into the agenda by the management. Statistically, losses are higher when key persons inside the firms are not firm as they were expected.

Soft and Hard Skills

During a presentation skills course in Sydney, a company director asked a consultant if Soft skills are more important than hard skills. To be more specific, the consultant replied by defining the two: Soft skills are skills set that have something to do with attitude in the workplace. Being a team player, taking responsibilities, doing the assigned task on time and so on. Hard skills on the other hand is the skill set that considers you to be qualified in the position, accounting skills, management skills, creating effective power point presentations etc. Among the two skills, the consultant emphasized to the combination of both to be a competent colleague and employee.  Only through the combination of both skills, can an employee rise to the occasion and stick during hard times.

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